Thursday, April 3, 2014

How To Reach Happiness in Life

Do you know what today the biggest problem in the world is? Do you think its poverty or hunger or diseases or environmental contamination or global warming or greed or politics, war, materialism, lack of freedom, smoking, drugs or maybe stupidity?

None of the above!

The biggest problem in the world today - its bad luck. From misfortune suffered more deaths than diseases, problems related to environmental and other problems that created the man himself, taken together.

Unhappiness leads to wars, violence, crime and other dirty tricks. Happy people do not do evil to others.

What is happiness? Happiness - a state of mind. This feeling it is an emotion. There is even a part of the brain, where a fortune. When we are happy, it's part of the brain lights up. Everything that people do has only one goal - to be happy. Happiness - is the goal of all goals.

There are 2 kinds of happiness - temporary and permanent.

Temporary happiness comes when we are doing well. When the outside world is great, we have a good mood. But when the outside world things are not as good as we would like to, then we are far from happiness.

Constant happiness is a state. Before I tell you about what you can do to be happier, understand one simple thing: the real happiness does not depend on external circumstances. Happiness - is the choice!

Frankly, when I heard this, I was shocked. In my head did not fit, how can this be? I've always noticed that I am happy when things are going well. But it turns out; I was far from true happiness. I experienced only a temporary happiness. And only when I tried to simply choose "to be happy, I felt happiness, regardless of anything. I ask you; do not blindly believe in what I write. Check it out on your experience!

7 cases that will make you happier:

Select to be happy

Happiness - is the choice. You can choose to be happy. Select to be happy every day, regardless of anything.

Your happiness depends on how you perceive reality. There are no bad or good events. Events just are, only how you perceive them, makes events positive or negative.

Worried you would or would be unfortunate if something happened to your character in a dream, provided that you acknowledge that you are asleep. Surely not. If reality is perceived as a dream, you cannot be unhappy.

Or look at another position on all your problems. Imagine that you are 80 years old and go back to where you are now. How would you look at this problem? They would show you just ridiculous.

Be thankful

Be grateful for things you already have. Be thankful every day. Thank you for your life, thanks to a new day. 

For what and when you can thank? For everything and always.


Did you know that a smile and negative thinking cannot coexist? Or do you smile and think positively, or you do not smile and think negatively. Try this experiment: smile at its maximum smile and try to think anything bad. You will not succeed! Or the smile disappears, or negative thought will have a positive tone.


Engage in physical exercise. Going after swimming - the most useful form of training. This is a great way to improve your health.

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath, hold your breath and then exhale slowly. This is a great way to relieve tension and stress, and it takes less than a minute.

Take a breather

Stay. Interrupt and do nothing. Just watch out for real. Just a few minutes. Separate your mind from your body.

Make someone good

Just do something nice for someone else. This will help you feel better.

Being happy, you pass the happiness of tens and even hundreds of thousands of people. Be happy, choose to be happy, and live consciously!

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