Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Everyone Should Know About Fear Of Failure  

When we think of failure most of us associate it with a lack of achievement followed by disappointment. This is a very negative way of thinking about failure but many people naturally feel this way. However, successful entrepreneurs think about failure in a completely different way.

Failure can be a positive thing if dealt with correctly and is even considered by some to be a necessary step before achieving success. Most successful entrepreneurs have had failed businesses before they finally found something that worked for them. Many have been bankrupt and some have been bankrupt multiple times.

Be Positive About Failure

Failure is well summarized by Sir Winston Churchill, who once said the following:

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

So if we're supposed to view failure in a more positive way and not let it drag us down then how do we do this? The answer is to view failure as a learning experience, a step towards achieving success. One thing we absolutely must do is learn by our mistakes and consider failure to be important feedback.

If you make a mistake once and fail as a result, then that's fine. Learn from it and move on. However, making the same mistake twice is considered foolish but can easily be avoided by always learning from your mistakes. Failing is also a sign that your plans are not sound. Re-plan and try again.

Try, Try and Try Again

If there's one good way to increase your chances of success it's to try more often. The more attempts you make, the more chance you'll have success. You'll often find that successful people aren't necessarily smarter than your average person. They just have a different mindset and are willing to try more often. Trying more often obviously results in more failures, another good reason not to fear failure.

As many people think so negatively about failure it's quite natural to have a great fear of it. One way to deal with this is write down what you think is the worst that can happen if you fail in your current task. You'll find it probably isn't all so bad and the benefits of success will far outweigh any negatives of failure.

People deal with failure in different ways and the disappointment that follows failure can be hard to handle. Deal with failure however you feel fit, even if it means doing nothing except watching TV for a few days. What you must do soon after is work out where you failed, work out why and learn from your mistakes. Then pick yourself up and try again either with a new idea or a new way of implementing the original idea, effectively a revised plan.

If You're Going to Fail, Fail Fast

The final lesson to learn about failure is to do it fast and often. As odd as this may seem it does make sense. If your new venture isn't working and looks like it may never work as you intended then don't be afraid to drop the idea, move on and do something else.

The key thing to remember here is to fail fast. So many people hang onto an idea long after they've established that it's very unlikely to bring success. As soon as it becomes apparent that an idea isn't going to give you the lifestyle you ultimately desire then it's futile to continue. There are plenty of other ideas that will enable you to achieve your ultimate lifestyle goals.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Positive Traits Of Happy People  

They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and when life throws stumbling blocks at you, make stepping stones out of them. The point is that you must stay positive, work with available resources, and move towards your goals. However, many people get dejected at the slightest of setbacks and withdraw into their shell. This takes the focus away from their goals. They must learn to remain robust and happy and resolve every issue and face every obstacle with grit and perseverance.

Being happy can help them face odds with ease. Here are the thinking and behavioral traits of happy people who have overcome very difficult situations. These should help people stay positive, happy and in legitimate pursuit of their goals:

1. Happy people do not evaluate whether life is fair or unfair. They just take life as it comes, face all its moments, and just make the best of whatever is thrown at them, good or bad.

2. Happy people do not have unchecked egos. Egoism is the biggest deal-breaker - it breaks business deals, it alienates friends and family, it makes people obstinate, it skews life, and it causes regret at a later date. Happy people are proud people, they are not egoistic.

3. Happy people do not believe in the concept of living for others. Let's take examples, a model or an actor always wants to look good everywhere because she wants the public to think the world of her; a CEO may adopt a lifestyle that makes everyone in awe of him. Happy people couldn't care what the world thinks of them, they don't bother what their neighbor talks about them. They live life on their own terms, happily absorbing life's lessons and developing and enjoying life over time. This is not to say that happy folks do not enjoy being complimented or giving compliments - they do, but they don't get carried away by these.

4. Though happy people listen to and respect other peoples' opinion, they do what they consider is correct. They do not jump to conclusions nor do they take split-second decisions - they calculate outcomes and then take carefully considered decisions.

5. Happy people welcome constructive criticism. They genuinely want to improve in life and they embrace every constructive critique and use the feedback to improve themselves.

6. Happy and contented folks are tolerant of others. Even if they dislike a person, they will always respect his views and let him have his space. They are tolerant folks with an open mind.

7. They also will not get into an unnecessary argument with anyone. They would rather put their point of view across without getting the least excited. If their point of view is not accepted, they democratically withdraw. Getting into fights, criticizing someone, gossiping, or going into a mighty sulk is the last thing expected from them.

8. These individuals do not make judgment calls. Even if their associate or friend commits an unpardonable blooper, they will not use it to judge that person. They are optimistic and always feel that things will get better and people will improve based on their learning experiences.

9. Happy folks are not control freaks. They'd rather let events take their own course rather than trying to control the outcome. However, that does not mean that they do not control what they are required to.

10. They are peaceful folks who let their minds rule rather than their hearts. They are fearless because they are truthful and have nothing to hide. They don't get angry because they accept things on a practical and philosophical level. These guys are cool.

11. They are relaxed and fun to be with. However, they are completely focused on their life's goals. They learn from negative experiences and don't allow negative experiences to depress them.

12. Finally, happy folks are simple folks. They enjoy whatever life has given them and work towards being happier.

You can be a happy person too. You'll know you are a happy person when you look upon life as an adventure and every day as new. You will begin to respect your life's goals and love and care much more for your family and friends. You will start rubbing off good vibes on others and people will get drawn to you. That's the day you will know you are a happy person. The pursuit of happiness is a wonderful adventure. When you get it, everything else follows.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Is Happiness? A Look From Different Angles

Happiness has different meanings to different people.

To behaviorists, happiness is a combination of emotions that one experiences when he/she does something good or positive.

To neurologists, happiness is the experience that one has when a flood of hormones are released in the brain as a reward for behavior that tends to prolong survival.

According to a number of religions, happiness is an indicator of presence of God.

Although, many specialists have investigated the meaning of happiness, philosophers are the only specialists who have investigated the issue to more detail. After a number of research studies, the philosophers settled down on two basic views of what happiness is. The views are hedonic and eudemonia.

Of the two, hedonic view is the most famous although the two views find their roots in the ancient Greek philosophy.

The hedonistic view defines happiness as the polar opposite of suffering. According to the view, presence of happiness usually indicates absence of pain. As a result of this, hedonists believe that the sole purpose of life is to maximize happiness which in turn minimizes misery.

Over the years, hedonists have come up with ways to prolong happiness. The unfortunate thing is that most of the ways are all wrong. Some of the wrong ways include: sexuality, use of drugs, alcohol and other things that are a target of societal and religious scorn.

Eudemonia which is the less famous view defines happiness as the pursuit of being a better person. Eudaemonists pursue to be better people by challenging themselves intellectually or by engaging in activities that tend to make them spiritually richer.

As you would have seen, the difference between the two views is that one of them (hedonism) says that happiness is derived externally, while the other (eudemonia) says that happiness comes from within.

One would conclude that eudemonia is the superior view. This is because under the view, acts such as kindness towards others, generosity, and cultivating natural talents are usually honored more than other pursuits that tend to bring about happiness that is associated with hedonism. For example, accumulating of health is usually not prized under eudemonia.

Although, eudemonia seems to be a very good view, there is a paradox. For example, for you to be generous to other people, don't you need to accumulate some wealth?

It's almost impossible to tell which the best view of the two is and perhaps the best definition of happiness should be left to an individual.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

How To Have More Self Confidence

If you think that your self-confidence is not as high as it should be, you don't have to worry. You can work on that. Having a high self-confidence is a challenge for a lot of people. You have to work hard on it in order to achieve high self-confidence. In this article, I am going to talk about how to have more self-confidence.

It is a fact that high self-confidence leads to a lot more success in life. May it be that you want to be more attractive to people as a person, you want to have success in your life and eventually even become a millionaire. For all these things you need high self-confidence. Therefore, I highly recommend you to work on it. Here are a couple of points how you can achieve higher self-confidence:

Do things you fear

In order to be more successful, you have to do things you fear. You have to confront your fears and just do these things. Every time you confront your fears and just go for them, you will have a lot more self-confidence. This is one key point in order to be a lot more self-confident.

Be extrovert

If you have problems with being an extrovert person, try to be as extrovert as possible. Talking to a lot of people and not caring about what you say will enable you to be a lot more self-confident by the time. Personally, I am experiencing this right now, too. I am trying hard to be a lot more extroverts in order to have higher self-confidence.

Set yourself goals and reach them

It may be that you want to have higher grades or reach a certain performance as a salesman. Reaching your goals will give you a feeling of being proud and hence you are going to build up your self-confidence. I highly recommend you to do that. A very important point in order to have higher self-confidence.

Be a great person

Now this one may sound a bit logical for you. However, it isn't easy to achieve that. You will have to do all the best you can in order to appear as a great person. Be interested in other people and help them out if they have any difficulties or questions. Just is a friendly and nice person. This will help you a lot to make more friends and also reach a higher level of self-confidence.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Self-Reflection Creates Self-Empowerment

Self-reflection western society is often ridiculed and laughed at. Many people make reference to self-reflection as 'Contemplating your Nobel.' Those who go against this make fun of are motivated to create ahead on a personal journey of psychological and spiritual development.

Given plenty of your energy and effort everyone will become conscious that what they indicate on has an immediate impact in their lifestyles. Unfortunately, few people are advised to do Self-Reflection and are flooded from a beginning age by what they 'should' do. The outcome is that what they sometimes say they believe (their indoctrination) obscures what they truly believe.

The greatest situation of lifestyle is determining what to believe. Whole lifestyles are invested side-stepping this option. Everyone is already greatly designed and indoctrinated by time they understand that determining for you is an option deciding is essential to developing.

When you look inward, you will identify how your actions and ideas have powered you to where you are nowadays. This self-reflection and following self-awareness encourages one to proceed providing forth those features and capabilities, thus, you can put them into activity. Not only have these features and capabilities provided to your capability to progress in lifestyle, but they have provided to your pleasure and well-being in thoughts, whole body and soul.

Consider enabling yourself time to look inward every day to see any actions or values that keep assistance your wishes and objective. You can understand to knowingly implement them to your lifestyle. The solutions to all your concerns lie within. All you need to do is: Look, Pay attention and Believe in.

With self-reflection you will appreciate how these actions and values have formed your identification. When you are intelligent and in track with yourself and your lifestyle or the goings-on on the globe you experience motivated. When you exercise self-reflection, you will get prosperity of motivational ideas. You will attract to you that which will help you to develop in your lifestyle, and in both your individual and expert connections.

Learning about who you truly are does not end. There is no aspect of lifestyle that does not contain its possibilities to understand. As long as you are alive there are opportunities to grow emotionally and spiritually.

What you make of your lifestyle is up to you. You have all the resources and sources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The option is yours. What will you choose?

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Positive Thinking and Manifesting Your Life!

Positive thinking is a psychological behavior that assumes excellent outcomes through goal setting. Positive thinking is an interesting topic because a lot of people talk about it but only a few people are successful. It is a mental attitude you must practice daily. Your attitude will not change overnight. You will have to learn to read a lot about positive thinking type books and be persistent to change how you think. Remember the ways you think did not just happen; you were conditioned to this way of thinking. You were not born with a bad attitude and self defeating thoughts.

To manifest anything in your life you have to have a positive outlook about your life. Positive thinking is key. It is something that will allow you to change negatives into positives. It is about transforming ourselves from a pessimist to an optimist. Negative thoughts cause us to notice problems and sabotage our thoughts. Negative thinking will get you what you think about just as well as positive thinking to. So change from a pessimist into an optimist. Optimists tend to lead much happier, healthier lives.

Positive thinking is how you create your desired reality, wealth, your soul mate health and whatever else you would wish to attract into your life. It is very powerful and is conducive to growth, self development and your success in life. It is an attitude. It is much more than a mental process that can have fabulous effects on your life. It is a constructive way of thinking. Positive thinking is tied to your true happiness and manifesting your dreams. You have to work at it every day and it is not about becoming detached from reality. A positive attitude has become a worldwide epidemic from weight loss to the corporate world as well.

When you think positive you will be able to control your mind. The mind is like a sponge and will accept statements as reality. If you keep repeating to yourself that you are lacking you will soon begin to accept these thoughts as truth and your mind and body will soon feel the effects of these thoughts or statements. They will soon begin to embed themselves into your sub-conscious and it will become your reality in life.

Hypnotists use these types of suggestions to hypnotize people. They continue to make statements in such a way that the receiver of these suggestions begins to accept them as real. When you begin to practice positive thinking you will be doing much of the same thing as a hypnotist. Your mind has the capability to absorb these thoughts, images and statements many times throughout the day. You may not even think twice about it. Positive thinking is a state of mind, a way of life.

Thinking in this way will also help with keeping stress under control. Medical research has proven that a positive attitude has a huge affect on your life and how you recover from illness. Science has been studying how a positive attitude can relate to health for the benefits of preventive care and for the recovery process after surgery. They are finding that people with a positive outlook on life have to see doctors less often and live longer healthier lives. A positive attitude certainly is a requirement for long term health and longevity in this lifetime.

Thinking positive all the time can be quite tricky because of the way society is and certainly in these times that we are living in now. With all that is going on around us it very difficult to keep a positive outlook on life. The trick is to limit what you accept as your reality. If you notice I did not say reality but your reality.

When you begin to have a positive attitude it can be very influential on everyone and everything around you. It is an attitude that is contagious. This type of attitude can affect our lives and what we manifest into our reality. Positive thinking is just another term for having faith. Manifesting your reality is nothing more than having faith in yourself and what it is you want to happen in your life.

Manifesting is like riding a bike. We had faith in ourselves that we could do it. You have to really want it to happen, you have to have faith. It is a great tool for turning thoughts and emotions into reality. Manifesting is hard for our conscious minds to accept because of our outdated beliefs, are child hood up bringing or both. It cannot be done without positive thinking or faith in this ability.

Manifesting is the development of our souls and into a divine being which we were all born to be able to do. It is our birthright. When we were children we would daydream about whatever we wanted in our lives. As time went on we were told by our parents or society that we cannot do this or that and we began to believe this and it is now are reality. We need to learn and teach ourselves how to manifest our lives all over again just like a child would daydream. This is done through positive thinking, faith and a great attitude about our life.

Make positive thinking a habit and you will soon see some very wonderful changes in your life. Take charge of your reality, the reality around you and your thoughts. True positive thinking can help us manifest the life we have always dreamed of by destroying any self doubt we may have. Repeat thoughts like “I was born for greatness” and read books about positive thinking or take a course. The main thing is to just get started and quit procrastinating. Learn to enjoy your life.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Success Can Be Headed Your Way If You Use Easy Spells

Success is something that cannot be measured by any predefined parameter. Some people define success in business as complete success, whereas some define success in love as the ultimate success in one's life. The matter boils down to the truth that one needs to be content and satisfied with what one has to be successful. There are a lot of spells that can be cast to make a person successful, and these are among the spells that are considered to be easy. One could be successful in life using such easy spells, one could soar high in life, one could climb mountains, and one could be the winner in the game of life by using such easy spells for success.

You might want to be successful as the ruler of the kingdom, or you might want to be successful as a football player, such easy spells can always be of help. These easy spells are supposed to do away with all the obstacles that you are bound to encounter in your way to success. The magic done by such easy success spells is easy to be undone. Success can easily be done away with.

Success could be achieved by any of the following means depending on the definition of success adopted by the individual. An easy spell for success could be a
  • Creativity spell
  • Wish granter or
  • Oil of Luck
When a creativity spell is cast effectively on a person, he or she becomes all the more creative and original. His or her creativity is reflected in his or her writing skills as well as his or her skills with the brush.

The easy spell contained under wish granter is the strongest of all spells because it enables one to achieve and accomplish what one wants to. Oil of Luck is believed to grease the flow of luck through time.
Success spells act as representatives of self acting against fate and time that threaten to push one behind failure. Some success spells simply serve to place the individual in the right place at the right time to ensure success.

To make a success spell work out the best results, one is advised to use a puppet doll and a charm. A personalized spell works out the best results for the individual. A photograph could be uses instead of the person, and his or her date of birth could be a great merit in this case.

Success spells could alternatively work the magic for your life to bring you fame and money in whatever you are supposed to do in life. Money is believed to be the most important ingredient of success. So most success spells work out to bring you into some sums of money.

Such easy spells for success could be found on the internet for free or some sites offer some spells for a small amount of money. It is important to note that such spells don't interfere with the spells already acting on an individual.

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